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Live to Play: Performance Training (Comedy Improv Performance Series)
135 €
October 2nd 2022
4:30 PM
Jungle Room Theater,

'Live to Play!’ - Comedy Improv Series 

Performance Training: Level 3

Every Sunday, 02.10.- 20.11.22 from 18:30- 21:00, plus Student Show

All classes occur at The Laughing Lizard Playhouse

The ‘Live to Play’ Workshop Series focuses on action-driven comedy improv. This ‘short-form’ improv style of game-playing was popularized by TV’s ‘Whose Line is it, Anyways?’ and is the performance-style of ComedyShorts Berlin. The teacher of this program is Brian Kapell, one of the founders of short-form improv, co-creator of ComedySportz in the USA, and Executive Director of ComedyShorts Berlin.

In this Perfromance Training, Level 3 Series, players solidify the Game-list of Short-form games that prepare them for performance. Players get experience in many different Scenic Games, Head-to-head Games, Step-out Games, Naive Games, and jump into the spirit of performing 'competiitve improv,' where teams work together to create a head-to-head comedy match.

Brian shares the thrilling ride that is at the heart of group-mind, interdependent action-improv. In short-form improv, people work & play together to not only create fresh stories together, they also wrap the stories into different ‘games’ that have playful rules to follow. Indeed, there are also ‘competitive’ aspects to this improv style that add even more playful spirit to the stories.

Participants will become more expressive, confident, and positively playful as they learn the techniques and games of short-form. And the creative power people gain is sooo much fun!

This advanced-level course is taught in English and suitable for everyone with a foundation in comedy improv, even if English isn’t their first-language. It includes 8 sessions, each 2,5 hours long, and a ‘Student Show’ at The Laughing Lizard Playhouse.

The course costs 135,00 eu and includes free tickets to ComedyShorts Berlin shows at the Laughing Lizard.