No, due to scheduling issues, the Laughing Lizard Playhouse at Belushi's Mitte is currently closed, and is not producing events there at this time. A new location is being organized and will be announced as soon as it is ready. 

The LLP is a live entertainment center that celebrates creativity, and interactive play. A wide variety of shows, workshops, and events will be presented all week long inside its two theaters, in the outdoor beer garden and on the rooftop terrace.

The Playhouse’s events include shows and workshops in comedy improvisation & stand-up comedy, movement events such as tango, salsa, ballroom-dance and contact improvisation, language-parties, burlesque, drawing & painting, creative writing and story-telling, Creative Expression Labs, edu-tainment programming, beat-box and freestyle rap events, karaoke, musical theater readings and performances, and gaming events for board games and role-playing, and Berlin has a singular place for playful exchange.


Address is Ziegelstr. 28, 10117 Berlin

We are located inside St. Christopher's Inn- Mitte, which operates our co-host location: Belushi's Bar- Mitte.

Our fine affiliation with Belushi’s Bar allows us to offer a complete menu of food and drinks as well. Our location in the heart of Mitte, just a few minute walk from Friedrichstr., Oranienburgerstr. and Oranienburger Tor S-Bahn Stations, Museum Island, restaurants and bars means that the pulse of Berlin is beating strong at the Laughing Lizard.

We value the creative spirit, the celebration in artistic expression, interactive learning and story-telling. We connect, learn and share through social interaction and engagement. We get to the heart and soul of who we are as individuals, and as a community: we are inclusive, accepting, and exceptional guardians of fun. Curious, aware, and accepting. With a strong connection to the curious tourist-market, we explore how different cultures celebrate, how different art forms are expressed, and how traditions, story-telling are shared. We aim to be egalitarian, progressive, and 'free to be, you and me'. We don’t demand perfection in creative expression, we can accept the dilettante spirit in everyone that feeds the curious child within us. We have aligned with Giuseppe Marcone Foundation to bring awareness to causes of violence in cities, and to build support services for victims of violence and abuse in urban cities, especially Berlin. We aim to be an inclusive, open-minded, aware collective of artists and managers who respect individuality,

How do those values translate to workplace culture?

By promoting and welcoming different cultural events, artistic expressions, with the mission of an egalitarian, tolerant, expansive world-view, we must exemplify this in our marketing, and operation. We aim to hire a fair mix of genders, LGBTQ, and races and cultures for leadership, performance and workshop roles, we welcome minority representation in production and workshop offerings. As a euro-centric hub, we promote tolerance for all peoples and will not permit shaming, bashing, bullying for the sake of humor or earnings. Comedy/ performance acts that rely on this will not be curated into the roster.